DoubleDragon: The double blue chip company

SPYBITS By Babe G. Romualdez (The Philippine Star) | Updated September 5, 2017 - 12:00am


This year is most likely going to be the “Year of the DoubleDragon,” with the young company set to become one of the largest and strongest real estate firms in the country. That’s because DoubleDragon has the combined force of Mang Inasal founder Edgar “Injap” Sia and Jollibee founder Tony Tan Caktiong as co-chairmen.


Both born under the sign of the dragon in the Chinese Zodiac with 24 years separating them, their partnership is perfect because Tony brings with him years of entrepreneurial experience that has made Jollibee the largest and number one fast food chain in the country today – which goes very well with the youthful dynamism and audacity of Injap to do things differently as seen in the way he turned an obscure chicken barbecue restaurant in Iloilo City into the ubiquitous “pambansang inasal.”


As Tony Tan Caktiong himself told me, he’s very happy with the business relationship as he sees in Injap the kind of dynamism and vision that will usher in the future.



DoubleDragon is set to shake things up even more with the launch of its new 60-seconder institutional TV ad that highlights the values espoused by the real estate company: Fairness and sincerity, bold and decisive entrepreneurship, passion and excellence, innovation and sustainability – the DoubleDragon way of doing business.


Conceptualized and produced by leading advertising agency FCB Manila, the ad aims to inspire Filipinos with a new real estate company that seeks to push forward, contributing to a brighter and better Philippines. As the ad itself communicates, DoubleDragon is dedicated to quality and innovation, with the vision to bring about a greener future, developing properties with a foundation built on solid values. But more importantly, it has a message of empowerment – that “real progress starts with each of us.”



From all indications, DoubleDragon is bound to become the next blue chip company. At the last stockholders meeting, the plan to spend close to P5 billion for industrial leasing hubs and build 5,000 hotel rooms (via the JinJiang and Hotel 101 brands) across the Philippines was approved, with funding to come mainly from the planned P7.5 billion re-initial public offering (IPO) before the end of this year.