DoubleDragon will remain alert and agile amidst a changing world |  Philippine Star


Posted at September 29, 2022


(Speech delivered during the DoubleDragon Annual Stockholders’ Meeting, September 29, 2022)


To my fellow DD Shareholders, With all the strange things that has happened around us these past couple of years and continue to happen at this point. Apparently the common denominator is Change. Change in how people think and behave. Change in what, why and how in businesses. Change in world order. Change is creeping in just about everything. And while we are all in the middle of this major global shake up, rest assured that your whole DD team will remain steadfast, determined, focused, alert and agile to continue to grow and nurture all its business units to get stronger each year forward. At this point, there are basically just 2 major near term goals that are in our mind every day for your company DoubleDragon Corporation.


1. To usher DD Group’s Philippine portfolio of Provincial Retail Leasing, Office Leasing, Industrial Warehouses, and Hotels to reach optimum maturity level in terms of recurring income generation , and for the overall parent company DoubleDragon Corporation, to graduate from an adolescent company now to become a strong and fully mature company before 2025.


2. To successfully jumpstart DoubleDragon Group’s homegrown hybrid condotel brand and concept Hotel101 to become a global Filipino brand. Wouldn’t it be great for all of us to eventually be able to see and actually check-in a truly Filipino hotel brand in over 100 countries around the world? Other countries have their homegrown hotel brand exported to other parts of the world, but the Philippines as of now do not have any. There is just no reason why it shouldn’t, since the Filipinos are known to be hospitable people. We strongly believe that Filipinos have what it takes to export their own Filipino brand all over the World too.


Yes the Filipino can! In a nutshell, in a few years we envision the World of DoubleDragon Corporation to simply be this: A portfolio of select prime office buildings in Metro Manila, a CityMall in every provincial city in the Philippines, a CentralHub warehouse complex in every regional province in the Philippines, a Hotel101 in every urban city and key destination in the Philippines and in other countries overseas. Those strategic goals we believe can only be accomplished by the whole DD team with the support of all of you.


Thank you very much and good day to all!